Facebook Ads Sales Generator Program

What Will You Learn?

  • How to avoid common Facebook advertising mistakes
  • Which Ads should you create first
  • Understanding the Facebook algorithm.
  • Facebook Ad copywriting
  • Best time to run Facebook Ads
  • Lowering your costs
  • Must-know Facebook Ad optimizations
  • Targeting and retargeting
  • Facebook advertising benchmarks

Course Content

Fundamentals of Facebook Adverting

  • What You Need To Do Now
  • Accessing Your Ads Account Using Your Smartphone
  • Creating Your Ads Account The Right Way
  • Funding Your Ads Account The Right Way

Facebook Ads Targeting

The Ads Creative University

Facebook Ads Copywriting

Leads Generation University

Sales Generation University

How To Fix Under-performing Adverts

How To Get High Paying Clients
How To Move From Zero To 500k Per Month Managing Facebook Ads For Businesses.

Ad Analysis/Deadly Mistake to Avoid

My Landing Page Design Structure
How To Design Simple Landing Page That Converts

Additional Knowledge*

How To Get Restricted Ads Account Back

Resource Session – PDF/Premium Apps/Links
This session contains all the E-Books, Apps & Links you need. The Community Session is also attached here. Do maximize it for your Uses

How To Source For Hot Cheap Physical Products Online

Promised Bonuses

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